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Koch Puron

Drinking Water Solutions

At WaterQ, we are committed to bringing our water treatment expertise and facilities to communities that seek affordable, durable and reliable drinking water solutions.

We do so by speaking with our end users and by physically visiting the location itself, to analyse the local needs and challenges. Our team of engineers and water scientists will then design the water drinking solution, in close cooperation with our client – of course, completely non-committal. Once the client is happy with the proposed solution, our engineers and technicians will personally arrive on location to install the equipment.


This personal approach characterizes our approach, also once the installation has been completed: our team digitally monitors the installation 24/7 and will be on site to carry out maintenance whenever needed. Our clients will not need to have an own technical team on hand nor need to commit to any additional maintenance costs, as WaterQ remains fully responsible for the upkeep and operation of the installation.


Since each community has different challenges, there is not one standard solution. However, all our clients have in common that we seek the most affordable, durable and reliable solution for their specific needs. Tailormade does not equal a high price tag. On the contrary, it means our clients spend their money only on the features they need.


Are you looking for a drinking water solution?

We look forward to exploring how we can serve you.

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